This kind of session seriously just feeds my soul! For one, I love shooting at Utah Lake. It’s so gorgeous! I told Annaka and Porter to meet me at a certain spot only to find out it was closed and another spot near by has been totally demolished. Heart breaker! So we went to the next spot I had in mind. The sun, tall reeds, and of course their smiles, laughs, and love were all stunning! Look at Annaka’s smile. SO CONTAGIOUS! As we were exploring around some people in those propelled parachute.. things… ? hahah flew over us and waved! As the sun started to set we went to another spot and Annaka and Porter were down to get in the water. I LOVE THAT. It really wasn’t too cold, and in that blue hour after the sun dipped behind the mountain, it was all so perfect and I love it so much.

Annaka and Porter have one my favorite meeting stories ever… They both failed a college class and had to take a lab to make it up! That’s where they met. Isn’t that just a solid example that failure isn’t the end? In fact, it could very well be the beginning! WOW I LOVE IT! Enjoy their session below, it’s special to me.